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  Enhance Board
Type: Non-halogen 

Adhesive: Special for enhance board

Color: blue、purple

Specification: Width×500m×between160∽250u thickness

Construction: PET film+ hot melts glue+ ink

PET sealing film is made with the advanced Japanese technology and coated with polyester on the flame retarding PET film, which is suitable for the precise and flexibility manufacturer process. They providing the high insulating effect meet of the requirement of electronic, automotive, data communication industries.

With highly adhesive, when heat sealing it can shorter the time of crystal and solidifying, which is good for increasing the AUTO-production efficiency. With high flexibility, it can unlimited bend reach to 50thousands times. With stand many solder bonding processes without delaminating. High temperature resistance, fire retarding and good withstand voltage, all the data reach up to the international standard. According to the characteristics of the flexibility flat conductor cables products, we have researched and developed several kinds’ heat sealing tapes. They have different backing materials and matched different hot melt glue. With the computer-controlled coating technology, we ensure the hot melt material is coated flat and perfect. Pass the SGS Environment Test and USA UL Remark, the file NO. is E301020.

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